Health & Exercise Trends

Gretchen Reynolds from the New York Times writes excellent articles about exercise and health. In this recap of 2015 she reviews several articles associating exercise with better brain function, especially as we age. The one study that stood out, however, was looking at twins. The study found that the twin with stronger leg muscles had […]

Get Out & Exercise

This is for everyone who needed one last reason to go out and exercise. A recent study in the published in Neurocase showed that one of the most successful nonagenarian track-and-field athletes in history had in essence a better looking brain. The brain scan showed that the white matter where the different parts of the […]

Rethinking Exercise as a Source of Immediate Rewards

Jane Brody writes an excellent health column because she almost always talks about her own experiences, which makes her a lot easier to relate to. In my opinion, she tends to be far more accurate than many health writers who comment on fads that don’t work. She is absolutely correct about why some people succeed […]