Osteoarthritis: Could researchers have found the key to prevention?

Patients ask me daily what they can do to prevent, slow down, or reverse the damages caused by Osteoarthritis. As we learn more and more about what contributes to the breakdown of cartilage in joints, we also develop new ways to halt and prevent damage. Unfortunately, some types of arthritis are genetic, but that doesn’t stop further research on how to stop […]

Your Purse Is Too Heavy

A woman’s purse carries everything; it’s a big black hole of random items and must-haves that we search for a year for, only to have them show up randomly when we least expect to find them. Most women’s purses weigh about 6 pounds- even more in some cases. Because of this, we have to lean […]

How to Get in Shape for Ski Season

Ski season is here! It’s important to get in shape to reduce your chance of injury. View this article (Olympic Athletes, Trainers and Pros Share How to Get in Shape for Ski Season) to get some top tips from me, olympic athletes, and trainers on how to best avoid injuries during your next ski trip.

How to Prevent Skiing Injuries

Skiing is one sport where common sense can truly prevent a high proportion of injuries and help avoid the most catastrophic problems.