7 habits of highly healthy physicians

Dr. Strickland & Dr. Gomoll at HSS

Healthy habits are a New Years’ resolution topic. These 7 habits are of the utmost importance, especially at a time when we are all trying to stay healthy. This article lists 7 habits of healthy physicians with statistics on how well physicians follow their own advice. I would like to draw attention to several of […]

Health & Exercise Trends

Gretchen Reynolds from the New York Times writes excellent articles about exercise and health. In this recap of 2015 she reviews several articles associating exercise with better brain function, especially as we age. The one study that stood out, however, was looking at twins. The study found that the twin with stronger leg muscles had […]

Fitness and Fun

I love reading about new workouts that actually have data to support their effectiveness. We know that the human body likes when we mix it up a bit – rather than doing the same work out day in and day out. This study proved the effectiveness of a relatively simple 12 minute high intensity interval […]