7 habits of highly healthy physicians

Dr. Strickland & Dr. Gomoll at HSS

Healthy habits are a New Years’ resolution topic. These 7 habits are of the utmost importance, especially at a time when we are all trying to stay healthy.
This article lists 7 habits of healthy physicians with statistics on how well physicians follow their own advice. I would like to draw attention to several of these, which I think are very important right now during the Coronavirus pandemic.
1. Get enough sleep. This is important for your immune system.
2. Eat healthy foods. With more time at home to cook and make good choices, it’s an opportune time to improve your diet.
3. Exercise. Depending on where you live, your outdoor options may be restricted, and the gyms are certainly closed. However, there are innumerable online exercise classes. Please start now.
4. Stop smoking now. Your lungs need to be as clean as possible. This is imperative right now.
5. Don’t drink too much. Moderation is important.