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Family Fun and Fitness in Colorado

I love reading about new workouts that actually have data to support their effectiveness. We know that the human body likes when we mix it up a bit – rather than doing the same work out day in and day out.
This study proved the effectiveness of a relatively simple 12 minute high intensity interval training program called the 10-20-30. In a nutshell, you work out at a easy pace for 30 seconds, a moderate pace for 20 seconds, and at maximum effort for 10 seconds for five repetitions, and then rest for two minutes, and then repeat the five consecutive intervals one more time.
They studied this workout in a runner’s group with half of the group substituting this workout a couple of times per week and the other half continuing their usual daily run. The group who tried this 10-20-30 program actually improved their running performance while spending less time exercising, and at the same time they showed increased satisfaction.
This is great news for everyone. It shows that we can create shorter workouts that people like and can stick to. It also showed that we don’t necessarily need to exercise longer in order to improve our fitness.