Miami marathon – runners

Miami Marathon

I walked alongside runners this morning who are about 10 miles into the Miami marathon. As you can see they got some great weather. It’s great to see runners back to racing marathons.

Fitness Friday: Working out Safely in the Summer Heat

With summer on its way, many won’t let the rising temperatures get in the way of their exercise routines. Dr. Sabrina Strickland, Orthopedic Surgeon, has tips to help you stay safe while keeping fit in the summer heat: Don’t stop working out just because of the heat, but it is a good excuse to take […]

What I Want My Daughters to Know About Working Out

I enjoyed this article – these are definitely things I want my daughters to know about health and exercise. 10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Working Out | wellfesto Mid-way through a recent group exercise class, the teacher lost me.  She didn’t lose me because of some complicated step sequence or insanely […]

Fitness and Fun

I love reading about new workouts that actually have data to support their effectiveness. We know that the human body likes when we mix it up a bit – rather than doing the same work out day in and day out. This study proved the effectiveness of a relatively simple 12 minute high intensity interval […]