Benefits of Adding Yoga

Here is yet another reason to practice yoga. So I admit that I personally am not a huge fan of yoga. While I appreciate the concentration involved in practicing yoga and the balance training, as well as core strengthening that you gain, I never feel like I get the workout that I need from a 60 to 90 minute commitment of my time.
As we age, however, many people can no longer participate in the same types of sports that they loved when they were younger. For some, this means no more soccer or hockey, and for others it means their knees keep them from running and hiking.

Almost everyone can practice yoga, because many poses can be modified. In the study below, study participants learned simple poses and practiced for 12 minutes a day. These people were rewarded by improved bone density and no bone fractures during the study period. Adding 12 minutes of yoga to your day isn’t asking a lot, and appears to have a positive impact.

12 Minutes of Yoga for Bone Health – n=wellWT