Train like an Olympian

With the Winter Games coming to an end, this article (Click here to read article) gives an inside look at the tips and tricks the top athletes use to always improve. I believe these skills are essential for anyone who wants to advance as an athlete.
Three that I feel are extremely important to do are:
#1- Cross train: Don’t just do one thing. Even if you love to run, you should do things like lifting weights a couple times a week.
#2- Work on flexibility – This doesn’t mean that you need to do yoga, but knowing which specific muscles are tight for you, such as calf muscles, and stretching those to improve mobility.
#3- Set goals, keep them, and don’t go overboard: Using accessories like Fitbit’s are very helpful because they not only track your daily activities, but they make sure you hit whatever you set as your minimum goal of steps each day.
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