Returning to Climbing After an ACL Tear

Climbing after an ACL Tear

For the climbers out there, I found an article in As an orthopaedic surgeon in New York City, I don’t see a lot of climbing injuries.  That said, I have seen some pretty bad ligament injuries over the years, including several ACL injuries sustained from a fall, typically when bouldering or falling on a climbing wall.  The advice in this article is […]

Saliva and Concussions

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Concussions seem to be the “hot” injury right now. Kids are missing more school because of concussions than any other injury and the diagnosis and treatment continues to be controversial. The scale of these are very broad as well. Sometimes there is minimal trauma and the athlete has symptoms for weeks, but other times the […]

Why Playing a Sport Should Be Your Lifetime Routine

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This Time magazine article discusses a study in the British Medical Journal saying “people who play a sport are more likely to stay healthy and fit as they age”. We know that our activity level tends to decrease over the years and sports keep people engaged. My question is, which sports are best and which […]