Returning to Climbing After an ACL Tear

Climbing after an ACL Tear

For the climbers out there, I found an article in As an orthopaedic surgeon in New York City, I don’t see a lot of climbing injuries.  That said, I have seen some pretty bad ligament injuries over the years, including several ACL injuries sustained from a fall, typically when bouldering or falling on a climbing wall.  The advice in this article is […]

My first Bridge-Enhanced ACL Restoration (BEAR) Implant

My first Bridge-Enhanced ACL Restoration (BEAR) Implant

Sharing this a link to Miach Orthopaedics, who shared a post congratulating me and the Hospital for Special Surgery for our first Bridge-Enhanced ACL Restoration (BEAR) implant surgery.  Learn more about the BEAR implant on their website. 

Why Women Are More Likely to Tear Their ACL

This article correctly explains that women are more likely to tear their ACL, because they fire their quads rather than their hamstrings when suddenly stopping, and land with their knees closer together. It also states that the second reason women are at risk for knee injury is fatigue. I’m not sure that is fair or […]