Knee Pain Keeping You Up at Night?

Knee Pain Keeping You up at Night?

Patients often present to the office when their knee pain starts to affect their sleep. I looked at this article with interest but quickly found that I disagreed with most of the information.

Perhaps this is why “Doctor Google” isn’t always so great. However, the topic is a good one.

Why does knee pain often get worse at night and what is causing it?

  1. At night, your body has less distractions, so you are more likely to notice mild pain
  2. You are active all day and inflame your knee, so naturally it is at its worst at night
  3. Circadian variations in hormones, such as cortisol, may affect inflammation
  4. Unstable flaps of cartilage or meniscus may be more symptomatic when you aren’t putting weight on your leg

If your knee pain is keeping you up at night, see a doctor and get X-rays at a minimum. The solution often is a physical therapy and/or cortisone or hyaluronic acid injections — but in some cases cartilage repair, meniscal surgery or partial or total knee replacement is the answer.

The complete article is available at, but as I mentioned, it doesn’t have the best information.