Bizarre Sports Injuries

I both love and hate these kind of stories. Being a professional athlete does not prevent you from random and unlucky accidents. I see patients every day who are injured while participating in “safe activities.”
I have seen torn ACLs from losing one’s balance “scorching around a booth” at a club, torn muscles sustained while stepping off a step, torn tendons resulting from lunging while fencing, and torn menisci from squatting down to get something out from under the sink.
If you have an important event coming up—whether it is your wedding, a great trip, or the New York City marathon—I would recommend you not play a pick up game of soccer or try sky diving. Wait until after your event, as you never know when you will get injured. Injures occur much more often when you aren’t in optimal shape for that particular sport. You certainly cannot avoid most injuries, but it is worth being careful if something extraordinary is coming up.

Rory McIlroy added to long list of bizarre sports injuries

When it comes to getting injured in a bizarre fashion, Rory McIlroy isn’t alone. Johnette Howard recalls celebrations gone wrong, outlandish alibis and other head-scratching injuries.