Dual Tibial Osteotomy Surgeries to Get Back to Lifeguarding

Kristen DiTommaso returns to lifeguarding after dual tibial osteotomy surgeries

Sharing another one of my patient’s stories today! Meet Kristen DiTomasso, who came to me after being told she needed a full knee replacement. When she came to me, I determined that she needed tibial osteotomy surgeries on both knees. This enabled her to return to lifeguarding and the rest of her very active lifestyle! 

Kristen shared her story on the Hospital for Special Surgery’s Back in the Game stories, but I am happy to share it here as well. 

Tibial Osteotomy Surgeries

I made an appointment with Dr. Strickland after dislocating my left kneecap. I had seen doctors in New Jersey who told me I needed a full knee replacement. This shocked me since I never hurt my left knee before. I was discouraged until I saw Dr. Strickland who told me there was hope and that I did not need a knee replacement. I had back to back tibial osteotomy surgeries on my left knee and then my right knee. Every time I have an appointment with Dr. Strickland she is always so positive in my recovery. Because of her and her team, I am back to my normal activities of being a CrossFit athlete, an ocean lifeguard, and a member of the Monmouth County and USA National Lifeguard teams. I could not be thankful enough for all Dr. Strickland has done for me!

Return to Lifeguarding (and more)

Since undergoing surgery, I became the USLA Beach Flags National Champion the last 4 out of 5 years. I have also become one of the top 100 yard sand sprinters in Monmouth County and the nation, while beating lifeguards that are half my age.

Read Kristen’s story, see more pictures, and watch her videos on the HSS Back in the Game website