Girls Take Longer Than Boys to Recover From Concussions?

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Sex differences between men and women continue to mystify me, but this article explains why there may be differences in recovery between girls and boys who get concussions.According to this article, “Master said it could be that [girls] have less access to on-site athletic trainer expertise when the injury occurs. That’s because the sports girls […]

Saliva and Concussions

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Concussions seem to be the “hot” injury right now. Kids are missing more school because of concussions than any other injury and the diagnosis and treatment continues to be controversial. The scale of these are very broad as well. Sometimes there is minimal trauma and the athlete has symptoms for weeks, but other times the […]

Concussion Prevention in Soccer

I think this is a great move as it isn’t the head hitting the ball, it is two players going for the same ball and colliding. This may end up changing the game of soccer going forward, but if it prevents head injuries then it is well worth it.   U.S. Soccer Announces Concussion Plan […]