Caring for Young Female Athletes

Sadly this isn’t anything new. Everyone needs to eat enough to meet the demands of their lifestyle, and this is especially true for athletes. The female athletic triad has had many names over the years; the most important aspect of it is recognition.
Once it is identified then it can be treated. Treatment isn’t complicated, but it is vital. The key is to make sure that the athlete’s nutrition allows enough nutrients and calories to allow for a great race, match or competition.
As in all things, prevention is better than treatment. Good snacks before sports, well balanced meals rather than just carbs or “empty calories,” and an occasional evaluation of the one’s nutritional status are incredibly important aspects of long term bone health and athletic performance.

To Thrive, Many Young Female Athletes Need A Lot More Food : Shots – Health News : NPR

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Doctors and parents often miss the signs of female athlete triad syndrome — low energy, low bone density and irregular menstruation in an otherwise healthy-looking girl or teen.