Caring for Veterans

Join us in saluting all of our veterans on Veterans Day. Dr. Sabrina Strickland, Orthopedic Surgeon, cares for many United States veterans. “I find great fulfillment in this role as each of the veteran patients have served and protected their country and therefore myself and my family,” says Dr. Strickland. “Some of the veterans’ injuries relate to their wartime or peacetime service, others are a result of normal wear and tear on the human body.” Dr. Strickland shares some of the common injuries she cares for in these veteran patients:
1. Recent veterans, such as those who served in the Gulf War, Operation Iraqi Freedom and the War in Afghanistan, often suffer from ACL tears and shoulder dislocations sustained while training or deployed.
2. Vietnam War veterans have wear and tear injuries that are common for people of their age. We often perform rotator cuff repairs in their shoulders, as well as knee replacements. Physical therapy and strength training can be quite helpful.
3. Korean War veterans are typically older and often suffered injuries on active duty that have lead to arthritis now. They often require joint replacement surgery to reduce their pain and improve their function.
4. World War II vets mainly suffer from arthritis. Our goal is to minimize pain and optimize mobility.