Brawn Body Health and Fitness Podcast: Knee Injuries, Knee Arthritis, Skiing Injuries, and more!

Brawn Body Health and Fitness Podcast - Patellar Tracking Abnormalities and Patellar Instability

In this episode of the Brawn Body Health and Fitness Podcast, Dan is joined by Dr. Sabrina Strickland from Hospital for Special Surgery to discuss common knee injuries and surgical interventions, including ACL tears, patellar instability, patellar tracking issues, osteoarthritis of the knee, injections for knee pain, skiing injuries, and more!

Dr. Sabrina Strickland is board certified in sports medicine and orthopedic surgery at HSS, where she specializes in patellofemoral surgery for instability, cartilage disease, ACL and meniscal surgery and shoulder surgery. She completed her residency and fellowship in sports medicine at HSS after completing medical school at Rush in Chicago. Prior to that, Dr. Strickland received her BA from Cornell University. Currently, Dr. Strickland is an associate professor of orthopedic surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College. She retired from her part-time position as the Chief of Orthopedics at the VA in 2012 after seven years of service. Dr. Strickland is also the co-founder of the HSS Patellofemoral Center. 

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