Caring for Young Female Athletes

Sadly this isn’t anything new. Everyone needs to eat enough to meet the demands of their lifestyle, and this is especially true for athletes. The female athletic triad has had many names over the years; the most important aspect of it is recognition. Once it is identified then it can be treated. Treatment isn’t complicated, […]

Women's Sports Events

At a playoff game for the New York Liberty with my daughter. Women’s sports events are awesome and best enjoyed with one’s daughter!

Working and Motherhood

Aha! This article reduces my guilt. I’m lucky to have a great job and great daughters.   Working Mothers Raise More Successful Daughters and Empathetic Sons | Thanks to a new Harvard study, you can stop beating yourself up and feeling guilty about working outside the home, Mom. Source:  

Osteoporosis and Broken Bones

The media has done a great job teaching our population, especially women, to worry about breast cancer and heart disease, but I’m not sure they have done enough to get us to worry about our bones. I don’t take care of broken bones very often these days, but I do try to tell as many […]