Girls Take Longer Than Boys to Recover From Concussions?

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Sex differences between men and women continue to mystify me, but this article explains why there may be differences in recovery between girls and boys who get concussions. According to this article, “Master said it could be that [girls] have less access to on-site athletic trainer expertise when the injury occurs. That’s because the sports […]

Train like an Olympian

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With the Winter Games coming to an end, this article (Click here to read article) gives an inside look at the tips and tricks the top athletes use to always improve. I believe these skills are essential for anyone who wants to advance as an athlete. Three that I feel are extremely important to do […]

Your Purse Is Too Heavy

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A woman’s purse carries everything; it’s a big black hole of random items and must-haves that we search for a year for, only to have them show up randomly when we least expect to find them. Most women’s purses weigh about 6 pounds- even more in some cases. Because of this, we have to lean […]

How to Get in Shape for Ski Season

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Ski season is here! It’s important to get in shape to reduce your chance of injury. View this article (Olympic Athletes, Trainers and Pros Share How to Get in Shape for Ski Season) to get some top tips from me, olympic athletes, and trainers on how to best avoid injuries during your next ski trip.

How to Prevent Skiing Injuries

Skiing is one sport where common sense can truly prevent a high proportion of injuries and help avoid the most catastrophic problems.

Preseason Workouts for Pro Musicians

Preseason Workouts for Pro Musicians

I’ve never thought about a preseason workout regimen for a professional musician, however I have taken care of many of them with very individual needs. Whether it was the amateur pianist who fell and tore his triceps or the professional guitarist with a clavicle fracture right before he went on tour, upper extremity injuries are […]